Telemarketing is without doubt one of the most effective ways to engage clients, prospects and new business opportunities.

Specialist agents, driven to deliver a range of targeted and bespoke services throughout Asia-Pacific. Whether contacting Consumer or Corporate, SME or Enterprise, our agents understand that building the right relationships is key to making connections for our clients.

McCorkell can design your Lead Generation campaign, engaging Prospects with detailed questioning to deliver your Sales Qualified Leads (SQL), leaving your Sales Teams free to spend time developing their customers.

In our opinion, face to face appointments are the best way to get your product in front of your target audience. We can extend your Lead Qualification campaign to Appointment Setting, securing the best time for you to meet your Prospect, and turn it into a successful meeting. We offer flexibility in our team, with experienced agents from a variety of industries – Information Technology, Retail, Education (Primary to Tertiary), Professional Services, Insurance and Finance, and many more. With these department capabilities we provide you with everything from a strategic focused campaign, to large-scale integrated campaigns across Asia-Pacific.

What We Do

Lead Generation

  • Appointment Setting
  • MQL, SAL & SQL Lead Qualification
  • 1:1 Event Appointment Setting
  • B.A.N.T Qualification
  • Lead Nurturing


  • Direct Mail packing and Postage
  • Storage & Inventory management
  • Membership Cards
  • RTS Management
  • Outbound Production
  • Inbound Production Management

Audience Acquisition

  • Event Registration
  • Event Attendance Confirmation
  • Opt-In Contacts
  • Executive Profiling


  • Email, Web Ticket Monitoring and Response
  • Social Media Monitoring, Response and Management
  • Inbound Call Answering
  • Live WebChat

Value Add

  • Email, Web Ticket Monitoring and Response Script Development Translation Services Multilingual Agents (17+ Native Languages) Formatting Database DNCR Data Washing
  • Inbound Call Answering
  • Live WebChat


  • Customer Surveys
  • Cleansing & Enrichment
  • Database building
  • Account & Contact Profiling