Do you have the right technologies and data in place to enable your team to execute on great marketing strategy?

In this era of Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Big Data, marketers have skipped cheerfully past IT and are taking their digital marketing efforts into their own, capable hands.

While technology certainly helps marketers get the job done, it never takes the place of the right strategy to achieve your goals. Nevertheless, understanding the capabilities of the marketing technologies that you have invested in, or are wanting to invest in, is now a core responsibility of modern marketers.

Let McCorkell guide you through this journey with our proven approach to implementing platforms and executing campaigns with many of the top vendors in the market today. The Marketing Technology team at McCorkell is a group of tech-savvy marketers with a genuine passion to help you reach modern marketing nirvana.

What We Do

Marketing Automation

  • Implementation + CRM Synchronization
  • Modern Marketing Assessment
  • Vendor Recommendations
  • MAP Hacks
  • Strategy & Workshop; - Lead Lifecycle - Lead Scoring - Sales + Marketing Alignment - Content Gating
  • Template Builds; - eDMs, Landing Pages - Forms, Campaigns
  • Familiarisation; - Marketing-centric platform instruction - Documentation + Guides - Sales Enablement

Data, Analytics & Insights

  • Strategy
  • Reporting + Analysis Dashboards
  • Acquisition
  • Data Washing
  • Data Verification + Cleansing
  • Segmentation


  • Ongoing Management
  • System Administration
  • Architecture + Customisation
  • System Optimisation
  • Integrations + Troubleshooting
  • Marketing Automation Synchronisation Support

Australian Corporate Data

  • Data rental
  • Data purchase