Tetra Pak


The landscape of an industry is completely changed when innovation mixes with business. New processes, new possibilities and new products are all born out of one idea. Tetra Pak aren’t strangers to being at the forefront of innovation in the food and beverage industry, however, their latest contribution has the potential to drive a seismic shift in how new businesses enter the market.

Starting a beverage brand is typically a laborious process, filled with R&D, concepting, recipe and formulation testing, go-to-market plans and production commitments. It’s an expensive exercise that can take years to do properly — by which time a taste, a trend or even the passion may have died down. Time, then, is the important factor in all of this that often gets overlooked the most.

Leaning on the innovation that has earned them their glowing reputation, Tetra Pak embarked on a challenge to build a world first in beverage brand production — Bloom. A business incubator that promised to have brands go from idea to shelf in 9 months.

Having built a strong relationship with Tetra Pak, McCorkell was asked to bring this new off-shoot to life from the ground up. This project involved brand guidelines, hero visual creation, a brand video complete with 3D animation, and a full-scale launch event.