National Dental Care Brand Development

National Dental Care


Our teeth are tools for life, which is why it's imperative that we look after them with regular visits to the dentist. Easy enough in theory, but with 1 in 6 adults and 1 in 10 children in Australia fearing the dentist, the importance of an approachable and friendly tone becomes evident.

When National Dental Care engaged McCorkell to rebrand their entire corporate identity, these values were front of our mind. Sleek and sterile wouldn’t cut it, instead we took a soft yet colourful approach. NDC needed to be perceived as a group of people that are there to help. That they will create meaningful connections with the patients and treat them like a good friend.

This would be achieved by applying a fresh colour palette, conversational tone, and a positive, welcoming persona through all touch-points including, and importantly, practice spaces.

The original brand mark married the concept of national dentistry through the creation of an abstract icon born from merging a tooth with the silhouette of the Australian Map. We sought to refresh this idea with a change in focus. We wanted to tell them a story.

With a single string of floss creating a national identity, we chose to tell the story of NDC’s growth around the nation, originating from QLD, forming an abstract map that is both unexpected, and memorable.