Tetra Pak


According to U.S Dairy, yoghurt can sit out for up to two hours at room temperature before it must be refrigerated. If the temperature climbs above 32 degrees celsius, as it easily does in the APAC region, his time frame is cut in half.

A key variable to yoghurt’s lifespan in these conditions is the way it’s processed and packaged. Innovative minds at Tetra Pak have engineered a method that allows yoghurt to be stored at ambient temperatures in a drinkable form, much like UHT milk. This has created a whole new sub-market within the beverage space, and offers consumers a highly nutritious alternative to milk-based drinks.

But how do you entice consumers to shake up their drinking habits and try a brand new product? By sharing education and selling occasions, of course! With the help of McCorkell, Tetra Pak was able to correctly target consumers based on their lifestyles and educate them on the benefits of adding ambient drinking yoghurt into their routine. Education was a key strategy when targeting food manufacturers as well, by communicating the growth potential of the segment and how Tetra Pak can facilitate production at an end-to-end scale.

By the end of the campaign Tetra Pak saw an increase in the sales of yoghurt packaging capabilities and introduced a new beverage into the carry bags of Asia’s health conscious consumers.