The workforce is online – a lot! – and they’re vulnerable.

Radical changes in the way we work have exposed new opportunities for cybercriminal attacks. Each year Cloudflare analyse the cyber landscape and release a cybersecurity trend report to keep COIs up-to-date and in the know. 2022’s report zeroed in on 3 key dangerous botnets — Mirai, Meris and Mantis.

Botnets can’t be seen but they can be distinguished by their unique behaviour and characteristics. To elevate engagement and awareness of this critical information, Cloudflare asked McCorkell to craft a detailed persona and visual identity for each one.

‘Botnet’ carries its own meaning, but an adversary communicates a threat more clearly. To get this message to the masses we created ‘Adversary Cards’, individual profiles that could be used within campaign assets and on social media.

An infographic was created in conjunction with the cards, all of which was wrapped around the annual threat report to ensure CIOs keep their team and company safe from their biggest adversaries.