Indeed FutureWorks Singapore 2023



The traditional 9-5 office model has become a rarity in the modern era. Technological and social shifts have ushered in new options, requirements, and ways of working for employees — all of which have changed the job landscape across the globe.

Now, jobseekers are looking at more than just the job role and the location. Company benefits, work culture, job flexibility and satisfaction are all high considerations, and could be the difference between top talent choosing to work for you or your competitor.

Indeed understands this all too well, and conducts an annual series of flagship events aimed at helping HR professionals not just keep up, but be ahead of the curve when it comes to all things recruitment, culture and management.

Indeed FutureWorks is a global series of flagship events held in various cities, and was held in Singapore for the very first time in 2023. From concept to execution, our dedicated team put their heart and soul into making it a memorable experience for all attendees. The smiles, the connections made, and the positive feedback we've received are a testament to the hard work and collaboration that went into this project.