Jabra – Technology for Life’s New Rhythm


Technology for Life's New Rhythm

Jabra has launched two of its flagship true wireless products - the fitness focused Elite 8 Active and the media/communication focused Elite 10. Both true wireless earbuds offer world class audio and call experience. This campaign aimed to inspire and excite individuals on the benefits of owning Jabra earbuds - showcasing how the products keep up with life's rhythm.

In response to the shrinking attention spans on social media, Jabra, a brand known for its enterprise products, sought to break into the consumer market. McCorkell aimed to revamp their marketing approach for their Elite 8 Active and Elite 10 earbuds, targeting the upcoming Christmas retail season. The goal was to create impactful, 15-second videos that would capture attention, highlight product features, and drive sales. Through a multi-faceted approach aimed at maximising audience exposure while minimising segmentation costs, McCorkell delivered a transformative campaign.

By tailoring ads to specific demographics, behaviours, and interests, and localising targeting to consumer habits like gym-goers and professionals, McCorkell effectively propelled Jabra's products into the consumer spotlight. The impact was significant, with a 250% increase in sales, solidifying Jabra's position as a frontrunner in consumer audio and demonstrating the power of strategic marketing partnerships in navigating new market territories.