KUSCH Engineered

Innovating together for a better tomorrow.

Strength, structure, and precision — attributes constructional engineers meticulously implement into every project, and the inspiration used to rebrand this impassioned engineering company.

Kusch came to McCorkell with an honest and direct problem; Their brand identity was meagre and did not reflect the quality and professionalism that the company consistently delivers to its clients.

Through research and competitor analysis we saw an opportunity for Kusch to cement themselves as the leader in their market. We moved away from the abstract, intertwined mark in favour of something identifiable, bolder and more applicable to brand touch points. The resulting brand identity can leave its mark on every space it enters, and hold strong against the test of time.

As part of the re-brand McCorkell delivered a new logo mark and tagline, full brand guidelines, brand templates and elements, brand video, merchandise and a ground up website re-build.