Are you giving your users the experience they crave?

Not that long ago digital was an afterthought for most businesses, now it’s a non-negotiable. Digital and its off-spring, Adtech and Social, are now the lead engagement points for most brands. The reason? Digital, Adtech and Social deliver prospects, customers, conversions and most importantly, revenue. Consumer empowerment through technology is driving this shift, therefore engaging users through an effective digital strategy has become an important part of the marketing landscape.

McCorkell understands that all digital branding is local. And we get that it’s about the customer experience at every touch-point. Those experiences are far from passive and there’s a reason why the word ‘audience’ never caught on in the digital world, and why ‘user’ is still the most ubiquitous phrase. Users are already demonstrating engagement with your brand. They are in the door and they demand to be treated with respect or they will quickly disappear.

What We Do

Digital Planning And Creation

  • Defining Digital Objectives
  • Defining Financial Goals and Metrics
  • Process Definition
  • Digital Brand Strategy and Positioning
  • Defining User Universe and Segments
  • Digital Experience Strategy
  • Adtech, SEM, SEO and Social Strategy
  • Communications Strategy
  • Content Creation and Formats

Digital Deployment

  • Domain Set-up
  • Staging, UAT Policy and Process
  • SEM and SEO Creation and Execution
  • Content Delivery
  • Adtech campaigns
  • Programmatic buying
  • Social Engagement & Publishing

Digital Production

  • Wireframe and UX
  • Technical Development
  • Front/Back End Integration
  • CMS Scoping
  • Functionality and Design
  • Data Management Capability
  • Compliance and Security Policy
  • Coding and Programming
  • HTML Production
  • Analytics Set-up

Digital Evaluation

  • Analytics and Path Analysis
  • Metrics and KPI Evaluation
  • Engagement Evaluation
  • Messaging Evaluation
  • Fiscal and ROI Evaluation
  • Trends, Buzz and Inflection Points
  • Social Relationship Management
  • Business Intelligence Dashboards